Treatment with cannabis

Charlie is quite a character and everyone in town knows him.  He is my cousin and I think he is a bit odd, but he is a lot of fun.  He is the type of person that hears the music inside and that is what guides him on a path.  He was always different from the rest of us. He didn’t want the new bike or the new car. He was satisfied with whatever someone gave him.  He is just easy to please and he just wants to do his own thing. Not too long ago, Charlie made the decision to move out west. He heard they had recently legalized marijuana and he wanted to hope hi sown smoke shop.  Charlie has never been the type to lie about anything and that includes the fact that he uses pot. He makes his own brownies and space cakes. He like how he feels when he is smoking marijuana and he doesn’t care who knows it.  It has a hot topic in our small community and our family, since most of the people are true conservatives. Charlie could care less about how they think, because he will light up a joint and smile as he walks away. I agree with him and I think it would be a wonderful move for him, to go out west.  He will do a great job of running his own smoke shop. My aunt once thought that Mary Jane was girlfriend and then he set her straight. I guess that could be a reason why he can’t keep a girlfriend. He says he has too many plans for his life to get involved with a woman right now. I just hope that he finds what he is looking for when he moves.

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