Trying different cannabis consumption methods

I like to experiment with different types of cannabis consumption methods.

  • I’m always open to new suggestions from my local budtender.

The dispensary offers weekly specials and discounts, and it’s a great way to try something different and maybe find a method or strain that I especially like. I’ve realized that the mental and physical rewards of cannabis are greatly influenced by how it’s consumed. Each method offers a unique experience and list of effects. I’m always searching for a new favorite. The three basic delivery methods are inhalation, oral and topical, but there are a long list of individual techniques. The main two methods of inhalation are smoking and vaporization. For smoking, there’s an array of devices such as rolling papers, hookahs, bongs and hand pipes, with each one changing the experience and influencing the grade of smoke. Vaporizers steadily heat the cannabis to a temperature high enough to extract THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. Because the temperature is too low for the harmful toxins that get released during combustion, vaporization is considered a healthier alternative to smoking. There’s also less odor, and it can be more discreet. There’s also dabbing, which is a form of vaporization. With dabbing, potent cannabis concentrates are dropped on a heated nail, forming vapor that becomes trapped in a glass glove and inhaled. I’ve recently started trying different flavors of tinctures. Tinctures are placed under the tongue and absorbed into the body. It’s one of the most discreet and easiest methods of consumption. Plus, tinctures are fast acting and allow for more precise dosage control. I have just started experimenting with cannabis-infused edibles. The local dispensary offers a really great selection of products, including cookies, chocolate bars, muffins, gummies, butter and olive oil.


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