Trying to lessen my pain levels

When I started university cheerleading, I did not know it would follow me years after in life.

  • The experiences are ones that I will love forever, at one point I thought the pain would be with me forever.

After my school was up I experienced bad shoulder, back and arm pain due to cheering. My chronic pain got to the point that I was unable to do most things. I could hardly get up out of bed. Long vehicle rides were not easy on me and I would frequently have to crawl to get around. Going to the doctor did not prove to be honestly that helpful. I got massages, tried stretching and eating anti-inflammatory dinners. In my research online I found that a lot of people rely on CBD for medical concerns. They use CBD to treat depression, stress and inflammation. A ton of people also rely on CBD to manage pain levels. I was not completely optimistic that CBD from the marijuana plant could do anything for me. However, I was desperate for some relief and went to a cannabis dispensary. The budtender proposed a CBD oil. He told me to use a few drops in the morning and then do it again before I go to bed. There is no THC in the product so I wouldn’t be feeling high at all. The most the CBD would do was mellow me a bit. I don’t even notice the oil but I did notice that my pain levels are way better.

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