Understanding the strains of THC

As a budtender at a medical marijuana dispensary, it is my task to make sure that our customers understand the products they are buying.

Not pretty much everyone is looking for the same category of product.

Many people come into the dispensary as well as purchase products that strictly serve a medical purpose as well as do not get you high. There are numerous topical products that help with pain relief as well as other medical conditions. Others are looking to attain a high from the THC products. For those people, the first thing I ask about is whether or not they understand the difference between indica as well as sativa strains, as this is critical information when it comes to selecting the best product. Indicas tend to create a high that is experienced throughout the entire body. As a result, indica strains are ideal for individuals who are looking for relaxation as well as better sleeping habits. On the other hand, sativas create a high that is known to be more heady. Typically, this means that the high will reduce anxiety as well as increase creativity; Sativas are also known to increase your focus. Obviously, these are certainly unusual results. It’s important to understand the difference between indica as well as sativa because they have totally unusual effects. If you are looking for something that will combat insomnia as well as you opt for a sativa, well you won’t be certainly happy with your results. My only goal as a budtender is to make sure that pretty much everyone ends up with the product best suited to help them out.



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