Using a topical for muscle pain and soreness

I did gymnastics as a boy and all throughout college.

I still tumble to this day, then as I have gotten older, the injuries have crept up on me, however my left knee always aches and our hip frequently pops out of place. If I don’t stretch well I have shoulder, neck and back pain. I deal with a lot of soreness after a nice labor out as well. I used to rely on icy tepid but now it hasn’t done much for me. I also sweat out the icy tepid due to our southern temperature. After looking online for chronic pain help, I found one thing that kept popping up. I kept finding articles about medical marijuana benefits; Chronic pain relief kept coming back and back again when using legal cannabis. My state allows for both recreational and medical mairjuana dispensaries. I didn’t even have to get a prescription, I just went over to the first legal cannabis dispensary I found in town, and the cannabis budtender tied up a topical for our troubles, then he offered me a lotion with CBD in it to help reduce our inflammation and soreness. The lotion smells almost enjoy winterfresh gum and creates a cooling effect when on our sore areas. I enjoy how it feels during and afterwards. I have only been using our topical for a month now although I have noticed quite a difference. It is way better than icy tepid or a heating pad. It also smells better and is easily accessible. I suppose I am going to be able to tumble better since I won’t be so crippled.

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