Wasn’t hard getting a medical card

Recreational marijuana is still not permitted in our state, medical is allowed though.

I kind of figured getting a medical marijuana card would be next to impossible to get.

I figured it would be a lot of talking and paperwork, money and time. When my anxiety got to the point where I could hardly go to work, I was willing to do all the paperwork and talking necessary. I found a doctor’s office that specializes in medical marijuana prescriptions. I told the doctor what I wanted, got an appointment and I spoke with the doctor for maybe 10 minutes. I told him about my anxiety and panic attacks when going to work. I told him about my freak outs I would experience at my desk. The guy then wrote me a prescription for cannabis flowers and some oils. That was all that had to be done! I then was able to fill that prescription at a legal weed dispensary with no issue. It took me maybe two days in order to get weed in my hands. One day the doctors and the other day was picking up the cannabis products. I now have as much legal weed as I want to help out my anxiety. I am able to drive to work with no freak outs. I don’t panic over nothing and I can focus throughout the day. Yeah, the strains do have THC in them and that creates a high buzz. I have not noticed it affecting my life negatively at all though.

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