We aren’t happy with him right now

Summer is consistently honestly tepid and overwhelmingly humid to begin with. The average temperatures are over 95 degrees and it rains everyday because of the intense humidity. The heat is easily poor and literally nothing helps get rid of the muggy and wet feeling. I am fortunate that I get to work indoors very often. A couple of our friends have to do my job outside every day in the summer. I guess honestly fortunate that I get to enjoy the commercial air conditioner at our job. I job in a pot shop. Every one of us sells a lot of unusual recreational and medical marijuana supplies. The little pot shop also has a small seating part with a TV, couch, and a snack bar. Several mornings ago, though, I was working behind the counter at the pot shop. I was helping some clients, as usual, to fill a cannabis order. I knew it was getting warmer in the store, although I was trying my best to ignore the problem. When someone in the snack bar started to complain a great deal about the indoor temperatures too, I got up from our spot and evaluated the thermostat and the indoor temperature readout. When I realized it was hot, I instantly called the repair repair that normally works on the cooling system. I eventually found out that the new guy jammed the return vent with a box. The box of t-shirts was completely blocking the air return vent and the cooling system did not have usual airflow. The HVAC repair guy told myself and others that was easily the problem.

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