We can get a lot from these cannabis products

As a young adult, I have started thinking a lot about how I feel when it comes to the world around me.  In the past, I didn’t really know or care how things worked nor did I even appreciate any sort of political views. I care more now especially when it comes to how much money is wasted on stupid public policy decisions. I was at a celebration yesterday when a heated discussion got underway about the legalization of marijuana.  I suppose I could see both sides of the argument so I just remained there quietly there listening to all the discussion! Some of the people were arguing that smoking dope was safer than drinking & I can’t say that I totally agree with that statement, because really, think about it, impairment is impairment, no matter the source. A ton of people agreed to the use of cannabis for medical purposes.  There is proven scientific studies as to how effective its use can be to waylay the symptoms of neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s & Epilepsy. When a person suffers from these life-changing concerns, they are often unable to function in everyday life. Cannabis oil can significantly reduce the frequency and duration of the tremors & shaking that can occur in both of the ailments. Some state bills have been written to allow the use of this beneficial oil in the treatment of seizures & such.  In most cases, these bills have fallen to the wayside while others that are all about funding some worthless project get approved without debate on the floor. These laws may or may not improve the lives of people but it seems that our new lawmakers refuse to approve something as simple as an herbal oil that can improve the lives of so many.

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