We have so many options

There are so many different methods of growing medical marijuana, and determining what way is most beneficial can be a big a challenge.  The crop can be impacted by everything from lack of water or poor fertilizer to bugs and pests. To end up with high-grade marijuana, it takes some hard work and dedication.  The first step is obtaining some fantastic quality seeds or clones, and then the growing method needs to be figured out. Normal aged dirt is the traditional method of growing.  Rich soil, correctly fertilized and watered, is an easy and inlavish method. A commercial growing soil could result in a big loss of the crop or exhausting results due to a lack or imbalance of necessary minerals and nutrients.  Another option is coco fiber or rock wool which doesn’t have the quality troubles of ordinary soil. It is just as easy, almost as cheap, however the process is cleaner. With fewer bugs, it provides you with a better yield. Unfortunately coco fiber and rock wool is harder to find and requires special fertilizers that are more lavish.  The method of hydroponics grows the plants separate from soil or vegetables, using gravel in pots or troughs. Water mixed with fertilizers are poured through the gravel, flooding plants several times per afternoon. The advantage is the cleanliness and greater yields. The downside is that it costs a lot more in equipment, and there’s more time involved with monitoring PH and nutrient levels. Along with that there’s also aeroponics, which means growing roots in plain air.  The plants are contained in a mesh basket, hanging out in the air, and water and fertilizer is constantly hosed over the roots. Aeroponics is best for root development, delivers the greatest yields and great results. This way costs more, demands a fantastic deal of management and is super sensitive to mistakes.

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