We need this legislation to pass

At our quarterly shareholders meeting, the topic of investing in a medical marijuana farm was listed on the agenda. Many of our shareholders are older folks & genuinely had a lot of concerns when it came to investing in cannabis. After going over many graphs & charts with regards to the growth of this industry, the shareholders decided to take another look at this idea. If new trends carried on & the legalization of both medical & recreational marijuana grows as well, this is the wave of the future. Many of our shareholders are steering away from sizable pharmaceutical companies because of record numbers of lawsuits that they are involved in & investing in cannabis production is a superb alternative. After all, the FDA is approving drugs frequently, and many of these drugs tend to have some genuinely serious side effects that can be worse than the original ailment. Research has shown that the side effects are not a problem when it comes to the use of medical marijuana & that in many cases the study participants were not only relieved of their symptoms but they also did so without the risk of the strong addiction that many of the other drugs have. Many people have come to the conclusion that an investment in this new medical treatment is a win-win situation. The bottom line was that even though some of our more conservative investors genuinely don’t understand the uses of medical marijuana, they do understand profit margins. They decided to cautiously invest in cannabis farms & the two of us will see how their portfolios improve or suffer at the next quarterly meeting.

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