We noticed the lasting effects

My family has dealt with great tragedy.  My hubby & I were helpless as our oldest daughter passed away from a precious neurodegenerative disease. Our youngest child has now begun to show signs of the same disease.  Although cannabis oil is illegal in our home state, both of us have turned to this natural remedy to ease her suffering. My children are afflicted with a terrible disorder which causes the breakdown of the myelin coating that insulates neurons.  The disease impacts the nervous idea & results in a slow deterioration of mental & motor function. There is no cure found, & the pain is horrendous. Between diagnosis & her death three years later, my oldest daughter suffered from depression, memory loss, chronic pain, seizures & motor impairment. We have tried a bone marrow transplant, which failed to help her at all.  She was on morphine & a long list of painkillers, which led to side effects. My hubby & I heard about the potential of cannabis after a bone marrow transplant also proved very unsuccessful for our hour daughter. The two of us were a bit reluctant but desperate, & so each of us put our daughter on a regimen of cannabis oil. Her seizures stopped instantly, & she is no longer in constant pain.  Due to her improvement, my hubby & I are campaigning for cannabis law reform. We’ve testified in from a senate committee, seeking legislation that would make cannabis medicine legally available to our daughter. The vote was not passed by the senate committee sadly. The two of us continue to be vocal in our advocacy for cannabis reform, & each of us continue to obtain cannabis oil legality for our beloved daughter.    

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