We wanted to celebrate and party all night

My spouse passed myself did something incredibly special this year for New Years. There was no problems and last year was really a bad time. There was some hope that this year was going to be much better. We decided it was going to be a good idea to have a special celebration to bring the New Year in. We had friends bring some drinks plus lots of snacks. We focused on setting up crucial smokers areas within our living room. We had many different styles of cannabis and H were laid out with multiple unusual types of cannabis. There was a sativa called Cherry a stone. This is genuinely our number one cannabis strain. My spouse is number one strain is an Indica that is named after the founder of America. We had some purple haze as well as OG Kush. We had blue dream plus a fiery blend that was called El Diablo. I have not smoked a cannabis strain preferred this before. The leaves were bright orange plus there was a spicy pepper taste. It seems like I was smoking cannabis that had been doused with jalapeno pepper sauce. The buffet of cannabis was a huge hit to all of my friends plus every one of our friends in the celebrations left at our home. When you have a lot of quality cannabis, a very small amount can go a long way. We had a lot of marijuana left over at the end of the party and I thought we were probably going to go through a half ounce or more.



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