Weed for sale

I woke up from a really weird dream last night.

I had heard on television that our state had legalized pot for recreational use.

From everything I had read, I was sure recreational pot would never be legalized. Most of the people I knew were totally against the legalization of recreational marijuana. My best friend was laughing at the look on my face when the news report said that it had passed as a law. The only thing we were waiting for was the implementation of the rules and the law. I went to bed that night and I was still thinking about marijuana. I wondered how soon it would be before we could go into a store and purchase marijuana without worrying about being handcuffed as we walked out. In my dream, I was walking down the street. There was a young man standing outside a store front. He was holding up a newspaper and yelling about headline news. Weed for sale! He kept yelling weed for sale. I woke up with a start with the words weed for sale floating through my mind. I took my shower and I still heard the voice shouting weed for sale. My best friend was knocking on the door as I headed for coffee. I left her in and she asked if I had enough for two. I wanted to know why she was there so early. She started telling me about the dream she had about weed for sale. I cracked up and never did tell her what was so funny.


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