Well I’m glad we made it

My bestie and I went to a concert last month and it was great.

The concert was in the neighboring city, so my bestie and I decided to simply spend the night in a hotel.

The two of us checked into our hotel room around two, but the concert wasn’t until much later that night. I laid down on the bed and took a deep nap while my bestie played on her cellphone. I woke up about a minute later and my bestie had some exciting news to share with me. She ordered a couple of items from a nearby marijuana store. She showed me the whole order and I was excited. She purchased a disposable vape pen to take to the night time concert. Both of us knew it would be a honestly discreet way to prefer usual marijuana separate from getting caught, and my bestie said the delivery service would take about a minute or two. Both of us took a shower and got dressed. After an hour, I told my bestie to call the marijuana store. The person on the cellphone was honestly helpful and kind, but she told my bestie that our marijuana supplies were on the way. About 20 or 30 minutes later, thankfully the delivery driver knocked on our door. Neither 1 of us knew the delivery service was going to take this long – we were ready to leave for the concert before our items were delivered. Thank goodness, in the end that was not the case. I especially loved the disposable vape pen. It tasted great and I was high all night!

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