What cannabis can do

You would actually think that if there is a medication out there that would help a person heal or at least manage life quite a bit better, you could simply go as well as get a prescription for it.  My family has definitely learned the taxing way that this is absolutely not the case! Our Grandfather suffers from Parkinson’s as well as he struggles a great deal to even make it through the day at times.  Not only does this affect his motor skills it also puts him in an acute state of depression. The FDA approved medications for the treatment of his condition seem to make matters way worse as they put him in a zombie state to keep the tremors at bay.  Most of us believe that this makes his depression much worse because he has no kind of energy to participate in life. It is the general consensus among the family that all of us would prefer some sort of alternative treatment. I have been researching the use of Cannabis oil as well as all of us entirely believe that this would be something to look into!  When all of us asked his physician about it, he agreed it would be easily worth a try, but, he is not licensed to prescribe medical marijuana. He said that all of us would have to take Grandfather to a doctor who actually was, complete more testing, as well as then hope that there was a licensed supplier somewhere close by. I totally don’t understand! If the state has legalized the use of prescription medical marijuana, I would easily think I should be able to go the pharmacy, similar to other medications, and pick it up.  Other controlled substances are totally available at the local drug store, so why isn’t medical marijuana also? I sincerely hope a single day it will be so families don’t have to go through so much to get this important medical treatment.

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