What do they mean by Indica?

I was interested in trying marijuana now that it was legalized.

No one actually thought the state would ever legalize marijuana.

At least they said that you had to be twenty-one to purchase it. I decided to check out the marijuana store and see what all they had to offer. I was looking around for a while when the woman at the counter asked me if I had any questions. I saw some of the products and they were talking about things like Sative, Indica and Hybrid. I had no idea what they were talking about. I took one bottle of gummies up to the counter and asked her what the difference was? She told me that the gummies in this bottle were made from extracts from the Sativa plant. The Sativa strain generally helps to energize and gives a feeling of happiness. If you are going to be exercising, joining up with friends, or trying to be creative, sativa is the best type of marijuana. Indica strains are perfect for relaxing. It helps the body to relax and adds to the feeling of tiredness. This is the perfect accompaniment prior to going to bed. The hybrid strains are a combination of the indica and sativa effects. They give a mild relaxation while still making you happy. Most people use the hybrid or indica when dealing with anxiety and depression. She told me that it is a good idea to ask before buying, so I could know the effects of whatever is in the vapes, edibles or even in the joint I am trying. I told her I just wanted information more than anything and I thanked her before leaving.

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