What is sativa?

I was looking online, trying to figure out what kind of marijuana I should try, now that it was legalized.

  • I never had the nerve to try it before, but now, it was something I wanted to try.

I thought I would bring it home from the marijuana dispensary, and sit in the house. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t make a fool of myself in front of other people. When I said something to my girlfriend, she said she would join me. The next thing I knew we were having a girl’s night out marijuana party, in my apartment. We planned it to be like a pajama party. We were looking at the difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid. To be honest, we were already having fun just trying to find what we wanted. We walked into the dispensary and asked the man at the desk. He wanted to know what our objective is. My one girlfriend said she just wanted to have fun, which had us all laughing. He told us that a sativa was best for a party because it didn’t make you sleepy. If you weren’t used to using marijuana, he said we may want to try gummies or edibles because you could control how much you were consuming. He told us it wouldn’t hurt to eat half a brownie, or half a gummy, to start. He got us some brownies, space cake and several brownies to try, cautioning us to only try half of one of them and wait an hour before trying more. We were excited to go back to the apartment and start the party.


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