What works best to help me sleep

When I tell people about my sleep problems, they always chalked it up to stress.

I think the problem is deeper than that, because I remember having trouble staying asleep even when I was very little.

What do little kids have to be stressed about? I think there may be a brain chemistry issue at play, but my dumbass doctor says that isn’t possible, so he keeps telling me to exercise and chew valerian root. Of course I have considered getting high, but I have mild asthma, and I don’t want the smoke to irritate my lungs. Then a friend of mine gave me some cannabis edibles, and I have to say it changed the game for me. The only problem I have with the cannabis edibles is sometimes they are too strong for me, and I go right to sleep. Seriously, last week I tried some new cannabis gummies, and the next thing I knew my alarm was going off the next morning. I like how they help me sleep, but I don’t want the cannabis edibles to be like a sleeping pill that knocks me out on the spot! Since my tolerance for cannabis and THC seems to be very low, I have been taking lower doses of edibles now. Instead of a whole pot brownie, I’ll just eat half, and then eat the other half before I lay down to sleep. The cannabis helps me to sleep through the night, but it’s also a whole lot of fun while I am awake, so I want to experience that.

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