Why marijuana helps

Cannabis extraction is the common term which covers start-to-finish cannabis processing.  The process actually goes way beyond just extraction and includes cultivation, analytics and biochemistry.  Each stage is important, and when handled properly, deliver a smooth process and quality end result. There is specific technology required to effectively develop an ideal product.  Cultivation is the priority of any horticultural process, including cannabis. A natural process uses only what is provided by the cannabis flower. It is essential that cultivation deliver clean and safe materials for production.  The cannabis flower needs to be free of pesticides, microbial growth, heavy metals or other contaminants. Extraction is the conversion of raw cannabis materials into a usable form. There is a variety of equipment and strategies, with each extraction process having pros and cons, and targeted toward the needs of various product applications.  Analytics provide feedback at every stage of cannabis production. Hopefully precise and accurate, analytics identify the compounds and their concentrations in the cannabis product. Biochemistry encompasses both cultivation of the plant and the impact on human system. Plant biochemistry allows the scientist to understand how to achieve ideal ratios of bioactive molecules in the plant.  Human biochemistry focuses on how these bioactive molecules affect people. Scientists are still working to learn more about how cannabinoids and their combinations impact with the human body. They are hoping to identity cultivars that provide specific ratios of cannabinoids consistently. Through a safe, reliable and consistent extraction process, scientists continue to innovate and effectively improve products.  The goal is to enhance long term health benefits.