You have some valid points

Being a teacher in a special needs classroom can be challenging; Each student has strange needs plus every child has an IEP that must be addressed on a quarterly basis; One student, who tended to be out of control and violent, was on the verge of being taken removed from my school plus institutionalized. At the time it was beginning to seem like the only option available plus we felt particularly bad for the mom and dad. They have seen various specialist over the years plus or provided all different kinds of drug treatments to try to calm him down but none of them seemed to work well at all; Some of them had such debilitating side effects that he was in a zombie-like state all the time plus that wasn’t helpful for him either. His Mom called 1 morning plus informed us that he would be out of the school for a week, plus I have to admit it was kind of a great little break from the monster kid. She then went on to say that he was going to be a patient in a current learn in hopes of finding a solution for his problem. She did not provide various details about the program but we were remaining confident for his sake ¬†that they would come up with some sort of good treatment, however when he returned to our little school the following week we were gobstopped to see a strange child. Then he handed a note to the teacher that was absolutely amazing, and his child had been prescribed the use of medical marijuana on a regular basis to help combat some of his anxiety plus violent tendencies. The people I was with and I were so gobstopped at the difference in the child that was resting before us that we knew it was really the best thing we ever saw. The learn that he had participated in was strenuous to get into but it was a wonderful event for him. He was absolutely social with some of the other students plus able to concentrate on the task at hand instead of worrying about everything else.

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