You have to be careful cooking with CBD because heat can destroy it

I wish I could go to a ribs festival this weekend, but I have to stay at home since I have potential COVID symptoms.

My friend John was going to accompany me, but he ended up going with his wife instead.

We went to the BBQ ribs and pork festival every single year until the pandemic hit in 2020. It’s a blast because there are a number of beer vendors there on top of the delicious food that is served. Some of these beer vendors are nearby breweries with unique craft varieties that pair perfectly with the barbecued food. Hopefully John has a fun time at the festival, but at least I can make a batch of ribs myself. I don’t feel great right now with my case of COVID so I’ve been eating doses of this syringe of CBD RSO oil that I got from the cannabis dispensary. That’s when I got the idea to cook with the CBD by adding it to my barbecued pork ribs. Heat can diminish the effectiveness of CBD, but I always cook my ribs on low at 200 degrees for five to six hours. Some recipes recommend adding CBD to an ingredient that doesn’t get heated, such as the frosting on a cake. Thankfully I used plenty of CBD oil in my barbecue sauce that I added to my ribs at the end of their heating cycle because I felt pleasantly medicated after eating just two. If this was THC oil instead of CBD oil, I would probably be passed out from the intense effects.