Your depression can be helped

As a school student, I have l been figuring out a lot about how I feel when it comes to the world around me.  I never used to care that much about how things worked nor did I even prefer any sort of political interest. I can’t say that I care that much now either except when it comes to how much money is thrown down the toilet on senseless bills plus laws that are put up for a vote. I was at a celebration not too long ago when a heated discussion started about the legalization of marijuana.  I suppose I could see both sides of the argument so I just sat there listening to all the banter, however some of the other attendees were arguing that the use of marijuana for recreational use was better than drinking a bunch of booze, plus I can’t say that I totally agree with that sentiment, but after all, impairment is impairment, no matter where that impairment comes from. The most marvelous space of the discussion was how more than 2 people agreed to the use of cannabis for medical reasons.  There is proven evidence as to how effective its use can be to help decrease the symptoms of neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s plus Epilepsy. When a patient suffers from these debilitating troubles they can not function well. Cannabis oil can lessen the tremors plus shaking that can occur in in these two and other conditions. Many laws have been written to allow the use of this beneficial oil in the treatment of seizures as well as other symptoms. Many of these laws have fallen to the wayside while others that centered around funding some worthless project get approved so easily.  These laws may or may not improve the lives of patients but it seems that our modern politicians are not willing to take the leap plus approve something as simple as an herbal oil that may offer hope.

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